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Emirates Draw Big Offer Eid Al Adha Special Raffle Draw Win Trip UAE 2023

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Emirates Draw Big Offer Eid Al Adha Special Raffle Draw Win Trip UAE Today announce All Ticket Buyers who Buy Tickets on 19 June To 2 July 2023 are eligible for Raffle Draw Win Buy any Category GAME: EASY6, MEGA7And Fast 5.

Emirates Draw Big Offer Eid Al Adha Special Raffle Draw Winners

18 special winners, 18 families, and 18 reasons to make lasting memories…
Big congratulations to our final Eid Al Adha Special raffle winners! Your #TicketToTogetherness will bring you closer to your loved ones, creating unforgettable moments!

Emirates Draw Eid Al Adha Guaranteed Raffle Terms & Conditions

How to Participate

  • No extra step is needed from participants who will be entered automatically and for free into the Eid raffle draws, ie, anyone who buys tickets for any of our 3 games.
  • By participating in any of the draws, participants would have agreed to ALL the duration of the promotion as listed on this page.
  • Raffle IDs for all three draws will be chosen through a Random Number Generator. Emirates Draw FAST5 Winners Today Live 2023

Emirates Draw Big Offer Eid Al Adha Special Raffle Draw Win Trip UAE

Mechanics of the Eid Al Adha Guaranteed Raffle

  1. Participation time: The raffle participation duration is from June 19 to July 2, 2023.
  2. A number of families: A total of 18 families will have the opportunity to win this raffle.
  3. Raffle dates: Three raffles will take location on June 30, July 1, and July 2, 2023.
  4. EASY6 category: There will be 6 winners chosen from the extra EASY6 Raffle Draw.
  5. FAST5 category: There will be 5 winners chosen from the extra FAST5 Raffle Draw.
  6. MEGA7 category: There will be 7 winners chosen from the extra MEGA7 Raffle Draw.
  7. Per winner will have the right of bringing up to 5 family members, including 4 adults and 1 child below the age of 12.
  8. Trip bookings include return tickets (only via Economy Class), hotel reservations (up to 2 rooms on a shared basis per family)
  9. Emirates Draw will pay for the processing fees of visa formalities ONCE, but is NOT RESPONSIBLE AND DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE APPROVAL OF ANY VISA by the UAE Government. Eligibility for a visa is exactly under the control of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai.

Win AED 120,000,000 Two Draw 70% Off

Win AED 120,000,000 Two Draw 70% Off

  • Easy Win
  • win18 families trip free
  • cash AED 16,125 free

Winners and prizes

  1. In the event that the winners/families are unable to or select not to travel, Emirates Draw offers an alternative choice. The raffle winner will have the option to receive a cash voucher worth a total of AED 16,125 in lieu of the prize.
  2. No prorating of prizes will be done: Winners either utilize the services of Emirates Draw for Visa, Travel, Accommodation, and Sustenance or can opt for the in-lieu prize of AED 16,125.
  3. Winners residing in the UAE, can plan a travel to neighbouring countries with their family or use it as a staycation experience within the financial guidelines of the prizes.
  4. In the above-mentioned case, our trusted travel partner will handle all the logistics involved in planning and organizing the staycation experience. This includes taking care of the necessary documentation and any other required arrangements. Additionally, winners will have the opportunity to select from an existing range of holiday packages offered by our travel partner.
    Our travel partner fees for managing the end-to-end service will range between 5-8% and will be included within the travel voucher. The exact service fee may vary depending on the complexity of the bookings made using the travel voucher. For instance, if the winner chooses to book multiple staycations, the service fee tends to be at the lower end of the range. It is important to note that the simpler the booking process, the lower the service fee charged by our travel partner. They strive to offer competitive and transparent pricing while ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for the winners.
  5. In the event that the winner is currently residing in the UAE and his/her family’s visa applications are rejected, we will assist the winner to visit his/her respective home country. We will work closely with the winner to make suitable arrangements for their travel, including flights and accommodations, where applicable, along with providing guidance and assistance in organizing hotel stays and experiences in the winner’s home country, ensuring that they can still enjoy a memorable travel experience despite the visa limitations.
  6. Please be aware that the availability of specific travel destinations and arrangements will be subject to the prevailing travel regulations and guidelines at the time of booking. Our team will work closely with the winners to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.
  7. Eid Al Adha Raffle prize winners will be notified of the results through email or phone using the contact information provided on their respective social media platforms.
    It is important to note that as part of our record-keeping process and for brand promotion purposes, we will be recording the calls made to notify the winners and capture their genuine reactions. These recordings may be used in future brand promotions, marketing materials, or other related activities. Rest assured that these recordings will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and used solely for the intended promotional purposes. By participating in the raffle, participants consent to the recording of these calls for brand promotion and marketing purposes.
  8. Winners will have the opportunity to enjoy an all-expenses-paid trip, which should be availed within 60 days following the closing date of the raffle.

*Eligibility criteria

Passport & Visa

  1. All members of the winner’s family must have valid passports, certificates of vaccination and any other documents required to enter the United Arab Emirates, prior to your departure. We are not liable if you travel with incorrect documentation, and we cannot accept responsibility if any failure on your part to comply with passport or visa requirements results in any costs or fines being incurred.
  2. If a visa gets rejected under any circumstances, the cost of the visa will still be deducted as it is a government fee.
  3. For more information about UAE visas, please refer to the UAE visa information page. You can also check visa requirements with the UAE Embassy or consulate.

Health information

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fit to travel and participate in all parts of the services you have booked and undertaken.

In relation to vaccinations and health formalities, you should consult your doctor at least two months before your visit to the United Arab Emirates. It is your responsibility to ensure that you can prove you have had any required vaccinations and we cannot accept any liability if you are refused entry to the United Arab Emirates because you are not able to present documentary evidence that you have had the required vaccinations.

Traveller information

You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the personal details or any other information supplied in with respect to yourself and any other person travelling on the booking and for passing on any information regarding the booking or any changes made in relation thereto, to all persons travelling on such booking, including but not limited to information on schedule changes or copies of Booking Confirmations. We are not responsible for problems that arise due to incorrect communication of personal information or special requirements of any other person travelling on the booking.

The winner of the raffle will be responsible for notifying us in advance if any of the family members are not self-reliant or have reduced mobility. This will allow us to make the necessary arrangements and accommodations to ensure a comfortable and accessible travel experience for everyone involved.


Hotel accommodation: Early check-in and late check-out

Unless otherwise specified at the time of booking, hotels booked as part of our Eid Raffle Prize Package provide a 24-hour check-in and check-out policy. Your hotel reservation will therefore start at your flight’s scheduled arrival time and will terminate at the same time on your day of departure.

Travel Insurance

As part of our commitment to your well-being, we will provide Travel Insurance to all our winners. This coverage is designed to protect you in case of unforeseen events such as accidents, illnesses, or unfortunate incidents resulting in death.

Your behaviour

If, in our reasonable opinion or the reasonable opinion of the provider of any part of the services you have booked, your behaviour or the behaviour of any member of your party is disruptive, threatening or abusive, causes unnecessary inconvenience or is causing or likely to cause danger, damage, distress or upset, disturbance or annoyance to others or others’ property, we may terminate your travel arrangements without any liability on our part. No refunds will be made, and we will not pay any compensation, expenses or costs incurred under these circumstances.

Hotel meal plans and room configurations

Half-board or all-inclusive hotels/properties may base their inclusive meals on specific dining venues. When more than two people share a room the hotel may specify that this is based on the room’s ‘existing bedding’ and not provide an additional bed as standard, although rollaway beds can often be booked at an additional charge.

If you want to change your booking

If the winner wishes to change the travel arrangements in any way, for example, your chosen departure date, we will do our best to make these changes, but it may not always be possible.

In case of any price fluctuations in air tickets, the amendments will be covered from the total allotted prize amount for the Eid Raffle Draw.

No refund will be made for any part of your booking that has not been utilized (e.g. breakfast or other services).

What happens if we change your booking

It is unlikely that we will need to make any change to your travel arrangements but sometimes circumstances change and alterations have to be made. We reserve the right to change your booking at any time and will inform you if we do so.

We shall not be liable for any changes to or cancellation of bookings due to events beyond our control. Examples of events beyond our control include, but are not limited to, war or threat of war; riot or civil disturbance; political unrest; terrorist activity or threatened terrorist activity; industrial disputes or threatened industrial disputes; strikes, fire, floods, or other natural disasters; nuclear disasters; adverse weather conditions; acts of God; acts of government; closure of airports; or failure of a carrier, hotelier, or other person to operate services for any reason.


Emirates Draw reserves the right to modify and change the terms and conditions of the raffle at their discretion. This includes but is not limited to adjustments in eligibility criteria, prize details, participation period, and any other relevant aspects. Any modifications or changes made will be communicated through official channels and will be effective immediately upon announcement. Participants are advised to stay updated with the latest terms and conditions by regularly referring to official communications from Emirates Draw.

If a participant’s Raffle Ticket ID is selected more than once for the Eid Draw, it would only be considered a single win, ie, he/she would be eligible to bring only up to 5 family members for the all-expenses-paid trip.

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